PYNCH - Acne At This Age?!

Laser Hair Removal: It's Not Just For Women

You made it past those awkward puberty years, so why is your face still breaking out? Is it acne? It could be!!!

Yes, adults can get acne! Most often, women get adult acne more than men for many reasons, the top being: fluctuating hormone levels. The imbalance from periods, pregnancy, menopause, and birth control pills can lead to breakouts. But there are many other reasons that could be the cause, including:

• Nutritional Deficiencies
• Medical Side Effects
• Medical Conditions
• Family History
• Allergies
• Stress

First & foremost, you are not alone. Adult acne affects an estimated 25% of all adults. That is 1 in every 4! How many people did you see in line for coffee this morning? Probably more than 4!

We sat down with PYNCH Medical's Dr. Briana Cain and Lead Esthetician Brooke Bangart to get to the bottom of it and find some solutions. 

Acne located beneath the cheekbones and along the jawline are potentially caused by hormonal imbalances, as opposed to blemishes at the bridge of your nose or across your forehead. If you think you have hormonal based adult acne, the best thing you can do is schedule a consultation with Dr. Cain. With the correct hormone regimen you could be looking at even more perks than blemish-free skin!

Quality Products:
Start reading the labels on your skincare products! If you experience adult acne, you want to make sure that your products contain at least one of the following words: Non-Comedogenic, Non-Acnegenic, or Oil-Free. PYNCH Medical creates custom compounded creams depending on the cause of acne (hormonal or gut), for a customized treatment.

Laser Services:
• For Active Breakouts - Laser therapy can bring you the relief you have been looking for, restoring self-confidence. Acne BBL works with fibroblasts to treat your over-acting sebaceous glands (the nasty acne culprits!) for an overall reduction of acne and improved skin. 
• For Acne Scars - Much like the BBL treatments, our Profractional and CO2 Fractional laser treatments work to address the damage deep within your skin to stimulate new collagen growth. This does double duty by simultaneously smoothing wrinkles and plumping your skin for a youthful appearance. 

Chemical Peel:
The VI Peel works to remove toxins from the environment, brightening skin and reducing superficial acne scars. Bacteria is removed to clear the pores and increase cell turnover in your skin to alleviate active acne, as well.

Ingrown Hair Bumps & Skin Irritation:
The cause of your blemishes may be right under the skin. Shaving bumps are caused by ingrown hairs which twist back into the skin, causing redness and painful inflammation with pimple-like blemishes. Laser hair removal can get to the "root" of the problem.

No matter the reason for your unwanted (and unnecessary) blemishes, PYNCH Medical has experience and can help you!


**Before & after photos are of Candela Laser Hair Removal Treatments, available in our office.
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