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Laser Hair Removal: It's Not Just For Women

Laser Hair Removal is the best way to remove unwanted hair and avoid daily/weekly upkeep. 

Women used to be the only ones seeking out Laser Hair Removal. However, more and more men are opting for smooth skin and less hassle with the power of the Laser Hair Removal now. Men, you are not alone in considering it. Shaving the same spot every single day, ingrown hairs, and razor burn are no fun. And PYNCH's medical complex location is perfect for discreet treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal vs Shaving:
Shaving, the most common method of hair removal for men, requires frequent upkeep (even daily). And often results in stubble, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. Shaving also gets very expensive over time due to the products necessary to making it a safe experience; shaving cream, after shave, new razors or blades.

Laser Hair Removal is the ideal alternative. This treatment gets down to the hair follicle, removing the need for additional products. When 93% of women prefer a man without back hair and the average lifetime cost for monthly back waxing is over $18,000, the choice is simple. Laser treatments take roughly 30 minutes and can save you time, hassle, and awful razor burn. Ditch the hot, hairy chest this summer and book a session with our Certified Laser Technician, Brooke Bangart to toss the razor in the trash once and for all.

Locations of Laser Hair Removal vary widely, but here are a few of the top picks among men:

•  Back & Shoulders                                      •  Chest & Stomach
•  Arms & Legs                                             •  Face/Neck/Ears 
•  Manzillian & Mankini                         •  Beard


**Before & after photos are of Candela Laser Hair Removal Treatments, available in our office.
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