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How To Reverse Your Aging Clock, At Any Age!

In Your 20s -    As a twenty-something Millennial, you're figuring things out, posting #instagramworthy photos, and experiencing the adventure of adulthood. The goal is to prevent, rather than treat. Skin issues are linked to increased sun exposure, neglected beauty sleep, and unhealthy diets. 

Treatment: Our doctors recommend an intensive skin serum, SPF, a Microneedling Treatment to stimulate collagen production, and a Photofacial to reduce sun damage. 

In Your 30s -  Your thirty, flirty, and thriving toward your career aspirations, with a laundry list of priorities. Your life is in the fast lane, while your skin's production of collagen and elastin is pumping the brakes. Fine lines and discoloration are your biggest concerns. 

Treatment: Our doctors recommend the right skincare regimen, including an exfoliating cleanser, and a retinoid to increase cell turnover. Pair this with a Halo Laser Treatment to target the visible signs of discoloration, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. 

In Your 40s -  Being forty and fabulous never looked better! You're reaping the benefits of your career because you don't have to justify purchases. Keeping your skin in check is just another necessity. Your biggest worries include fine lines, dryness, and dullness. 

Treatment: Our doctors recommend devoting time by exfoliating often with mild scrubs, hydrating with serums full of peptides/growth factors, and choosing an SPF with richer antioxidants. Perhaps, opt for a Halo Pro Laser Treatment. It will target deeper wrinkles and sun damage by penetrating through the epidermis to the dermis.  

In Your 50s And Beyond -  Talk about your flawless fifties! You have the wisdom, experience, and confidence to reinvent yourself. Although you may experience dryness, the onset of deeper lines, and a different texture, there are strategies to strengthen your skin. 

Treatment: Our doctors recommend investing in products to rebuild your skin's moisture barrier. Hormone replacement therapy, probiotics, and peptides/growth factors. A CO2 Profractional Laser Treatment will help to rebuild your skin's outer layer by targeting the deep dermis. Such lasers require 5-7 days recovery time, but it is well worth it!


About the author:
Kacie Asher, our new Patient Coordinator and influential Blogger at PYNCH Medical, minored in Journalism at The University of Arizona. Her wide-ranging experience in the beauty and health industry highlights her skills and influence. She is very knowledgeable and versed in the skincare industry, with an extensive background in anatomy and yoga. She is always available to answer your medical questions, help with your skincare needs, and schedule your visits. 
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