The Beauty of Skin: Cosmetic Laser Treatments for Every Shade

Discoloration...zap, unwanted hair...zap, and removal of fine lines...
PYNCH Medical has you covered.

When it comes to cosmetic laser treatments, knowing your skin type is very important. Whether you're receiving laser hair removal or something more invasive like a CO2 Profractional treatment, the same rules apply. 

Fitzpatrick Skin-Typing System - is a classification system based on a person's response to ultraviolet light and how their genetic disposition plays a role. Categorized by scale, this recognized tool ranges from Type I (light pigmented skin) to Type VI (dark pigmented skin).

Brooke Bangart, Lead Certified Laser Technician & Aesthetician here at PYNCH Medical, is qualified to perform laser treatments on individuals who fall into each skin category. With over 20 years of medical aesthetic and beauty experience, she is qualified to discover your individual needs. 

"How do you determine the class of laser and the joules (wavelength)?" Brooke explains, "My choice of laser is personalized to each individual. When a patient arrives, I require them to fill out the skin-typing worksheet. Once I have determined their skin score (Type I - Type VI) and ethnicity, I can choose the right laser." 

Ethnic background influences genetic predisposition and the likelihood of a person reaping the benefits of a treatment. Here at PYNCH Medical, we take this into consideration. Darker skin naturally absorbs more light, so Brooke chooses a laser that doesn't see color. Which, typically, are lasers that target water instead of skin color. 

Come find out your skin score and experience laser treatments, confidently, today!


About the author:
Kacie Asher, our Patient Coordinator and influential Blogger at PYNCH Medical, minored in Journalism at The University of Arizona. Her wide-ranging experience in the beauty and health industry highlights her skills and influence. She is very knowledgeable and versed in the skincare industry, with an extensive background in anatomy and yoga. She is always available to answer your medical questions, help with your skincare needs, and schedule your visits. 
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